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sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2013

Livro Baratzil A terra das Estrelas, como eram chamadas as terras Latino Americanas há 50. mil anos atrás. Perguntei ao "Senhor" que sabe tudo! Obrigada por enviar a resposta.

No Livro fala sobre Sanat Kumata. 18 milhões de anos ele trabalha pela Terra. Vindo de Vênus.
Indico este Livro porque você vai entender toda história das américas. Lendas que na realidade foram a história.  Baratzil a Terra das Estrelas De Roger Ferauldy.


The Kumaric Seven Rays of God with Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras
Join Us As We Rediscover the Kumaric Teachings in a Very Unique MP3 Audio Seminar with Live Group Session Combo-Series!
WHAT: A Six Month Seminar Series consisting of Seven (7) Group Seminar Audio MP3 Classes of the Holy Kumaric Flame Teachings along with Four (4) Live Group-Tele Sessions.




FEBRUARY 14th, 2013 – 
2-14-13 Kumara Venus Loves Gaia
(2 hours. Activating the Venusian Love Star. Includes a presentation from each of the Seven Holy Kumara including Sanat Kumara)



 The Series itself is no ordinary seminar series as you will not only become familiar with the in-depth knowledge’s and wisdom of the Kumaric Teachings, but you will also work personally with the Seven Holy Kumara in our Group Tele-Call Sessions.
For this series, in addition to the seven (7) Venusian Ray Teaching Seminars (MP3 format), you will also participate in four (4) Live Group Tele-Call Sessions where a channeling and healing from the Holy Kumara will occur so you can accelerate and integrate the teachings.
The Group-Sessions will be scheduled after you have listened to a portion of the 7 seminar MP3 audio recordings as we go along through the course (see below for full schedule).
We will hold the first Group Call and then you will take the MP3 Audio Teachings of sessions 1, 2, & 3.  Each audio teaching activates frequencies that must be processed by your full body system, as such, you will do one audio segment approximately every three weeks.  We will then have another Group Tele-Call.  Continuing on, you will do Audio’s 4 & 5, and we will have the third Group Call, and finally after Audio 6 & 7 we will do the fourth Group Call.
In each Seminar Audio MP3 we have an overview of each Ray, the Kumara who is associated with that Ray, how it relates to the knowledge we already have, and how to access the newly acquired energies within the Ray.  At the conclusion, individuals will then be given a private session with the Holy Kumara, overlighted by Sanat Kumara, to go over the Rays and how they correlates with your pathway and personal experience while bridging the gap between the Lemurian/Atlantean timeline to the New Earth timeline. Each individual will have the availability to access the timelines in between that need to be addressed in order to understand the present awareness to accept the frequency of adaptability into the New Earth.
TESTIMONIAL: “It’s difficult to write about something that has had such a deep impact on my life. I can tell you that the first session completely blew open my consciousness. I felt it shatter and blow out like with an explosion, what I felt after was a wide open space to grow in. This course has brought to me my Higher Self…Until this course I only had a sporadic sense of her, now she is with me all the time. This is something I have wanted and worked [toward] for years…The depth of peace and possibility I felt by the end of this course was surprising and wonderful. What I have written here doesn’t even begin to touch all the ways it has changed me…” K. – from Maine
SERIES OVERVIEWThe alignment of Venus and Earth are much closer than you would think.Sanat Kumara is ready to be more active in the role of Earth’s evolution as he once was years before. He saved this planet eons ago from destruction and then left in the early 1950’s as his role had changed. It was at that time that Lord Buddha took over as the Planetary Logos. Sanat Kumara has been working with each of us in the background readying humanity for another great awakening. He is now choosing to step forward once again to assist humanity but this time, it is our awakening that must occur first.
It is our time of remembrance and there is only so much we can do from the Earth’s perspective. It is now time to fully embrace our pathways of light that truly have been emanating from the Venusian planetary levels. Our work with Sanant Kumara is not new; our souls have been working with all of the Kumara to prepare us for this momentum time of awakening. But first we must remember within our Hearts to fully reflect and utilize the timelines of accessibility that is about to occur.
It is important for each of you to realize that if you are reading these words, then your work with Sanat Kumara and all the Kumara is about to enfold in a way that you never thought possible. We have come to Earth at this time to walk forward into creating Terra Christa, the New Earth, and as this is occurring we are embarking upon a remembrance of being there before but yet with something different. The training and expertise that we have acquired between lifetimes of Venus and Earth is our bridge unto the New Age. We are accessing the potentiality to walk effortlessly and gracefully into an era that we know very well within the confines of our hearts and minds.
Sanat Kumara is bringing forth a special program for you, the individual that wants to cross the bridge from the past, to the present and mode the future of the New Earth. There are elements that need to be acknowledged that cannot be done so with the knowledge we possess presently. As initiates upon the pathway of Mastery, we are about to expand our awareness into a new sense of balance. It is with this doorway that Sanat and all the Kumara are opening to us which is the bridge that we have been searching for.
When the essence of Lemuria and Atlantis fell, so did our hopes and dreams of a better world. We were pushed into the confines of a society that was once before and enmeshed into the non-purist aspects we could ever endure. We have struggled far and wide to attain the beauty and expression of love that we felt in the times gone by. As we transitioned through this process, each of us exiled into the Venusian frequencies to assist us in the pathway back to recovery. We are now ready to fully walk in the essence of beauty upon a New Earth and now is the time of our awakening.
In this original series Sanat Kumara hosted a 6-month program in which he took each participant into the depths of their soul to fully remember the aspects that have been lost. As a student of mastery each of us needs to acquire the ability to embrace the seven rays of God. This is a science that is studied deeply on Venus and each of us have gone to the depths of our soul to fully comprehend the meaning of these amazing rays. We have had first-hand knowledge of the frequencies, the meanings behind each of the rays, and understanding their aspects within our soul’s essence. We have walked through the doorway of the Rays of God by walking with the Kumara in understanding the process of acceptance.
The following represent each of the Kumara and the Rays of God as it relates to the Venusian way of being:
  • Sanatka – First Ray, Blue Flame, Will of God
  • Sa Ananda – Second Ray, Yellow Flame, Wisdom of God
  • Sa Na Tana – Third Ray, Pink Flame, Love of God
  • Sujata – Fourth Ray, White Flame, Purity of God
  • Kapila – Fifth Ray, Green Flame, Science of God
  • Sa Na Kumara – Sixth Ray, Purple-Gold-Ruby Flame, Peace of God
  • Sanat Kumara – Seventh Ray, Violet Flame, Freedom of God
Sanat Kumara will be the last overlighting energy compiling all the Kumara together into the essence that each individual will embody to fully actualize the elements of the Rays of God. This science is derived from the commonplace knowledge within a Venusian Society, along with the history of accessing the Rays of God from a scientific viewpoint. This information will be coming forth in an easy and down-to-earth way to help everyone understand the concept of the Rays of God from a higher existence into the role that each of you are playing at this time.
So in summation this series will provide you with background information on each of the Kumara and their overlighting ray, along with the ability to apply it to your present circumstances personally and change it in preparation for the New Earth energies.
SERIES FORMAT: In about a six-month time frame, you will spend an average of 3 hours a month engaged in either the live call or taking the MP3 Audio Classes.  With each class, you will also receive a specialized Kumaric Flame Activation Audio Mp3 to have you access the energies from within the Temple of The Holy Kumara which will connect you personally to the Holy Kumara teaching that segment of the series.
GROUP TELE-CALL SCHEDULE: The Live group tele-call sessions will take place on the following dates at 5:30 PM Pacific Time for approximately 1.5 hours each.  (All initiates are encouraged to attend the live group calls if they are able.  MP3 download recordings will be posted.)
Thursday,  February 14th, 2013 ~ Meet the Holy Kumara ~ FREE OPEN CALL ~
Thursday, April 18th, 2013 ~ The Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rays
Thursday, May 30th, 2013 ~ The White and Green Rays
Thursday, July 11th, 2013 ~ The Purple-Gold-Ruby and Violet Rays

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